What the hell was that???

“There is a Chinese curse which says, “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.- Robert F. Kennedy “Day of Affirmation Address”*

So first, please allow me to amend my previous assertion. Birthdays shouldn’t suck, but sometimes they do and that’s okay because there are worse things in life. 

Looking back at that post is like finding artwork you made as a child. So cute, so naive…a little nostalgic, and a little embarrassing. 

I think we can all agree that this past year has just been one great big WTF moment. When I wrote that post last year, I was feeling pretty optimistic. I knew there were “big changes” coming in 2020. I could just FEEL it in my bones! Exciting, right?

Well, yes and no..

Feel free to insert your own “My plans Vs. 2020 meme here.

I kept thinking I should be posting during the long, boring days of lock-down, but every time I sat down to my computer, I just thought “What can I possibly say that anyone will care about right now? What could anyone say that I would possibly care about right now?”. Then I would go down the Ravelry rabbit hole until enough time had passed that I could open the wine without calling it day drinking. 

I did spend a lot of my lockdown making things and learning about new things to make. While I never did master sourdough, I did master crochet and made this:

“Lost In Time” Pattern by Joanna Lindahl

I moved into a gorgeous new studio where I can spend more time creating and less time making sure the door is locked. 

I bought a plant:

Which led to a mission to rescue all the plants:

This isn’t all of them….

Today, I don’t really have anything inspirational for you. We are all entering 2021 feeling a lot like the survivor at the end of a slasher film… battered, bruised, going to need a lot of therapy, but still here. We do, indeed, live in interesting times and as stressful and exhausting as it can be, difficult times always seem to lead to a renaissance in the creative world, so there is a silver lining.  I can say that the one thing that is the same for me today as it was this time last year is that I am feeling optimistic about the coming year.

It’s gonna be great!…Right?

For much of the past year, I considered dumping this blog project altogether, but I remembered that I started this for myself. If a couple of people enjoy it and learn a few things, great! But I am not here for ad revenue or to win followers (though I wouldn’t mind that). I love to make things, I have a few thoughts, and I am going to record those things here. Going forward there will be maker content, videos, reviews, tricks and tips, pointless thoughts, and a few items for sale. I hope you enjoy it and that 2021 is as good to all of us as we need it to be. 

….And a Happy “Less Than Perfect, But Still Won’t Suck” Birthday To Me!!!

*For more info on the quote above check out:

3 thoughts on “What the hell was that???

  1. Happy Birthday Amanda! Your blog is very entertaining if not creative!
    Thanks for the laughs and hope your year is a happy one!


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