Masks and Other Stuff You Can Buy Right Now

Is it my dream to be making masks? No. But it is helping to pay the bills until the world opens back up and I can pursue my dream job of fitting Jason Momoa for board shorts. So I am still here and still making masks and still dreaming of a day when there is no daily need for them!
100% Cotton. fully lined, full coverage, fabric ties, 3 child sizes, 2 adult sizes! $12 each or 3 for $30 + shipping.

Also! I am making matching headwraps like the ones you see me in ALL THE TIME! They are good coverage for the many bad hair days until the salons are open again. Wide head wraps, with a wired center for styling and fit! $22 each or 3 for $60 +shipping

OR get a matching head wrap and mask set for $30!

Pick your own fabrics from the selection below (and please be kind over my crappy photography)!

To order, email me at let me know what you want, how many you want,  which fabric you want (please use the fabric name listed with each photo), and what sizes. I accept payment via Venmo and will send you the link when you order.